Denture Repair in Merrillville, IN

Dentures are made to last for years, but over time, the mouth changes shape. The jaws may not align the same way as the bones and gums naturally recede and shrink. As a result, dentures will not fit as well. In addition to this, dentures can get worn down over extended periods of time. Poorly-fitting or worn dentures can not only be uncomfortable, but they can cause infection, mouth sores, and other issues. Smile Builder Dentures can help with replacing and denture repair in Merrillville, IN when the time comes. Common denture repairs in Merrillville, IN include denture reline, denture rebase, and adjustment.

Denture Reline

This repair consists of a resurfacing of the side of the denture that comes into contact with the soft tissues of the mouth. This helps it to fit more securely.

Denture Rebase

If the pink acrylic part of the denture (the part that holds it in place) has become worn, it can be remade. A new base is created and the replacement teeth placed into it.


Dentures that fit poorly can rub against the gums or mouth tissues, causing a sore spot. These will need a denture adjustment to relieve discomfort.It’s recommended to visit the dentist as soon as any change is noticed in the fit of dentures. Minor changes are more easily fixed and can be done in-office. If more work is required, the dentures may need to be sent to a dental laboratory.